Art 1: Inscriptions:
Any inscription in structure «Silver’ moors» will be made by supplementing this registrationform by the parents or the lawful guardian if it is about a miner or by the interested personif it is about a major person.
Art 2: Reservation:
To send the chip of inscription supplemented in DELAVAL Mathieu, on 1069 avenue of theocean, 40550 LEON and the 30 % deposits by cheque in order of DELAVAL Mathieu,confirmation will be sent by mail.
Art 3: Cancellations:
In case of force majeure (bad meteorological conditions, pollution), «SILVER’ LANDES» willoffer if at all possible an activity of replacement, the courts which will not be able to beperformed will be put back at some future date. Any cancellation by the pupil intervening in15 days preceding the discreet date will draw away the collection of deposits. Lessons notperformed due to the client will not be reimbursed.
Art 4: Commitment of the followers:
Following lessons given by SILVER’ LANDES, the participants accept risks linked to thepractice of the surfing in the normal conditions of practice.
Art 5: Insurance:
The pupils have to have an insurance in individual civil liability covering the practice of thesurfing and not have of against indications in the practice of the surfing. The pupils admithaving been informed about their interest to sign a contract of insurance, having as objectto offer an inclusive guarantee a year case of bodily damage. The pupils can sign a cardsports issued by the office azzuro / MMA to SILVER’ LANDES.
Art 6: Commitment from «SILVER’ LANDES»:
The SILVER’ school LANDES promises to meet needs of pupils in term of reception, ofeducation, of supervision and of security. The transport is included in benefit as well asequipment necessary for the practice of the surfing.